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Our motto

A small game studio that started on a three friends stake. Yes, we make games. Why do we make 'em? Because games are fun and, like everyone else, we like fun. So there's nothing better than having fun while we work.

We don't have an ambition like "to be the world's biggest game developer company". Instead, we want (upon everything) to feel pretty much pleased on creating, projecting and producing our games, taking care of every detail.


Kei: Adriana Kei is our game designer. She is our producer as well. She teamed up with the boys to organize the place, because, when there's cats, it's always a mess!

Gabs: Gabriel Ochsenhofer, game programmer. He made quite a few indie games in the past like Totem Destroyer and Armor Picross, now he chose to bet on a new path by becoming a partner of Cats in the Sky. So now he is, obviously, our programmer.

Mazza: Mau Mazza, our 3D wizard and great animator. Awarded worldwide.